strange names 

Do We Need New Baby Name Etiquette?

What about the people who choose a name for their child and expect it to be pronounced a certain way, yet it goes against English pronunciation? Then they actually get angry that you aren't smart enough to realize they are using a non-standard pron...

April Fools! Can you Spot the Fake Baby Names?

Hey, did you hear the news? M.I.A., that singer who did the third-trimester cartwheels at the Grammy Awards? She named her baby Ickitt! Isn't that simply unbelievable? Yes. Yes it is. In fact, it's so unbelievable that you shouldn't believe it...

Book of Bad Baby Names

There are stacks of books dedicated to baby names, but only one dedicated to the atrocious and downright cruel monikers parents attached their innocent spawn in past. You thought Moxie Crimefighter was odd? By combing old ancestry records the author...


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