The Knife Under the Bed and Other Pregnancy Superstitions

Do pregnancy superstitions give you pause? Credit: Getty Images
If there's one thing a woman loses while pregnant (besides her waistline), it's any sense of control. Will it be a boy or a girl? Will my baby have 10 fingers and 10 toes? Will lab...

Red, white and blue foods!

Looking for an, er, interesting way to celebrate the 4th of July holiday this year? How about with food! Sure food will play a crucial role in your celebration--it generally does--but why not toss things up a bit this time around, and even make it f...

Easy strawberry dessert

When it comes to food, I enjoy baking and I enjoy finding healthy (or, heck, healthy-ish) food that my children like to eat. So, when I saw this post at Vegan Lunch Box, I had to do a double take. Strawberries, white chocolate and coconut? Sign me up...


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