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Kids More Stressed Out Than Ever Before, Survey Shows

Kids are more stressed out than they were last year, and they take their cues from their parents. Credit: BrittneyBush, Flickr
Kids are more stressed out than ever, and their worries include family financial troubles, body image issues and getti...

Stress-free weeknights

It's 6:00 on a weeknight -- do you know where dinner is? Or where your sixth grader's homework is? How about the clean laundry? Or your sanity? Weeknights can be a nightmare, especially when the kids are in school, because suddenly there's so much to...

Stressed out pregnant moms drinking and smoking

I know lots of women who drink alcohol and some who smoke cigarettes. I don't know a single one who did either while pregnant. Well, for all I know these women were hiding in their garages each night secretly chugging wine and puffing on cigarettes, ...

What do you do when you can't get a break?

There is something in the air. For one reason or another, it seems like every mom I know desperately needs a break. And by break, I mean she needs a week on a beach with a trashy novel. She needs massages, facials, and sweet, blended drinks with umbr...


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