Parents of Children With ADHD Face Serious Stress, Study Shows

Credit: Getty Images
There's no doubt ADHD is tough on the children who suffer from the disorder, but it's really hard on parents, too.
LiveScience reports a recent study published in the Journal of Family Psychology finds parents o...
The entire family should be considered when treating a child with ADHD, researchers say.

Parent's Stress Has Major Impact on Children and Family, Survey Finds

Studies show parents' stress has a big impact on kids. Credit: Corbis Think you're good at hiding your stress from your children, or that your kids aren't affected by your freak-outs? Sorry, they're on to you. Parents tend to unde...Feeling stressed? Join the club -- and make room for your kids, too.

Mom's Voice Is as Comforting as a Hug, Study Shows

Nothing soothes like mama's voice. Credit: Getty Images
It often helps to talk to your mother. That could be a scientific fact. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin in Madison found that hearing your mother's voice can release similar le...

Talk to Your Tweens - Survey Shows They Want to Listen

It may not come as a big surprise that tweens tend to sweat the small stuff -- and the bigger stuff, too. But here's the good news: The majority of them want to talk to their folks about the things that are stressing them out. Unilever -- t...

Nurturing Helps Baby's Development, Studies Say

A mom's caring can help diminish any prenatal stresses a baby may face once out in the world. Credit: Damon Dahlen, AOL
Go on, give your baby those few extra hugs and kisses today. Not only will the added affection make you feel good, but two...

Depressed Girls More Likely to be Overweight than Boys

There's a link between depression and obesity in girls, a new study shows, but depressed boys don't have the same risk of becoming overweight. In the findings, reported in the Journal of Adolescent Health, researchers administered stress tests to...

How 'Hyper Parenting' Is Creating Stressed and Anxious Kids

If you are reading this blog right now, chances are good you know what "co-sleeping", "crying-it-out" and "attachment parenting" means. It's likely that you have uttered the words "Baby Einstein," "milestones," "Montessori" and "time-out." You could ...

Teens More Stressed Now Than During Great Depression

More of today's teens are reporting anxiety and depression. Credit: Getty Images
A study that tracks the emotional and mental health of high school and college students reveals that kids are more stressed now than they were during the Great Depr...

Five Tips for Reducing Your Child's Separation Anxiety

Few things are more heart-wrenching than the sight of two red, scrunched-up little faces covered in tears, four outstretched arms and tandem howls of "Mama! Mama!" just before you say "I love you, have a good time at school!" and duck out the door. T...

Moms With Young Kids Are the Angriest Americans

A new study says moms are mad, and they express their anger by yelling. Credit, Paolo Tarantini, Flickr
Feeling enraged, moms? A new survey says that mothers with young kids are some of the angriest Americans. The University of Toronto stu...

Kids More Stressed Out Than Ever Before, Survey Shows

Kids are more stressed out than they were last year, and they take their cues from their parents. Credit: BrittneyBush, Flickr
Kids are more stressed out than ever, and their worries include family financial troubles, body image issues and getti...

Fantasy Escape Plan - Do You Have One?

What does your fantasy escape look like? Image:
When I was raising my first child, I often had days of overwhelming stress. The pressures of being a single parent, working a full time job and struggling to make it all work out was sometime...

Economy Driving Moms to Drink

Is this your economic survival strategy? Image:
Times are tough all over. For so many of us, incomes have decreased while expenses have not. Where bill-paying used to involve sitting down to write some checks, it can now resemble a workout...

Stressful Home Life Making Kids Fat?

A Swedish study of more than 7,000 families found that kids with a highly stressful family life are twice as likely to be obese when compared with children living in low-stress environments. The study followed kids from birth to age six, and durin...

Sleep Tips for the Whole Family

Pre-motherhood, I slept like a rock. I mean, nothing woke me up. Then I had babies and the subsequent sleep deprivation that comes as part of the package. I always thought that when my kids were finally sleeping (mostly) through the night, I'd go bac...


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