Boy, 13, Invited Out for Free Drinks and Strippers

Nothing like getting a text message invite to a strip club -- free drinks included! -- after a hard lacrosse practice. Credit: AFP/Getty Images President Barack Obama refused to make photos of Osama bin Laden's dead body public. You ca...This is how we celebrate killing people in the US of A, son.

Former Exotic Dance Champion, Fitness Instructor and New Mom on Pole Dancing for Kids

How young is too young to pole dance? Credit: Tantra Fitness Inc.
Pole dancing may be all the rage for women who want to express their inner sexy selves and shed a few pounds while they're at it, but is it appropriate to teach the moves to 7-y...
Would you let your teen take pole dancing lessons? How 'bout your 7-year-old?

Octomom Was A Stripper Called Angelina

In the news again! Click the image to see more of the Octomom saga. Photo by Getty Images.
Did you think Nadya "OctoMom" Suleman was out of our lives for good? Oh, ye of little faith. So what is it now? More plastic surgery? Another (gulp) pr...

Strippers recruited for kids' Halloween carnival

Ellie's school will soon hold it's annual fund raising event. For several weeks now, I've been getting emails and notes from the organizers of the event begging parents to help out by volunteering. I happily signed up and am looking forward to seeing...

Ovulation equals better tips

If you're trying to get pregnant and want to know when you're most fertile, perhaps you should taking up stripping at a gentleman's club and monitor your tips. At least, that's one way of doing it. It turns out that, according to a new study chronicl...

Strippers in the children

Usually fund raisers are held by schools, churches, and other organizations that have a mission giving back to their communities, which all feels very wholesome. However, I imagine the atmosphere was decidedly different at this recent fundraiser for ...


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