Stroller Buying Tips: Consider Safety, Ease of Use

Safety is important when buying a stroller. Credit: AP
Choosing a stroller can seem overwhelming unless you've determined what your needs are, so we talked to some experts to get stroller buying tips for parents.
Many first-time buy...
Buying a stroller can be easy if you know what to look for.

Double Strollers: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Choosing a stroller can be tricky. Credit: Getty Images Whether you're expecting twins, or you have two stroller-sized children of different ages, a double stroller is a must for most parents. But, with so many styles on the market, sh...Get the lowdown on double strollers.

Celeb Mom Gwen Stefani and Bugaboo Team Up for World AIDS Day

Bid on this one-of-kind Bugaboo Cameleon designed by No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani. Credit: Bugaboo
In honor of World AIDS Day and their partnership with (RED)™, stroller-maker Bugaboo has teamed up with style icon and rockstar mom...
The one-of-a-kind Bugaboo Cameleon stroller will be auctioned off to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Innovative Bugaboo Convertible Stroller to Hit Stores Next Spring

This Donkey is quite a workhorse. Credit: Bugaboo
In a highly-anticipated announcement, the folks at Bugaboo have unveiled a new stroller that could very well revolutionize on-the-go parenting. The Bugaboo Donkey is being introduced as the f...
The Bugaboo Donkey is being introduced as the first mono-duo-mono convertible stroller for transporting kids and all the stuff they need when you're out and about.

Hang On to Your Stuff With Stroller Hooks

We're hooked on these handsavers. Credit: Think King
In the "why didn't we think of that" department, comes the simple, yet immensely handy, Think King Mighty Buggy Hook. Ideal for hanging a diaper bag, purse, knapsack or groceries, these st...

Stroller Review: Easy Walker Duo

Credit: Amazon
EasyWalker DUO In Aqua The Basics: The stroller weighs 37 pounds. Good from birth to 98 pounds. The Duo is 29.8 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 35 by 29.8 by 19.5 inches. The Lowdown: The EasyWalker D...

Stoller Review: Bumbleride Indie Twin

Credit: Amazon
Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller The Basics: 34 pounds. Good from birth to 45 pounds per seat. 29.5 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 32 L by 29.5 W by 15 H inches. The Lowdown: The Bumbleride Indie Twin str...

Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2010 Stroller Review

Credit: Amazon
Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller The Basics: 26 pounds. Good from birth to 50 pounds per seat. 29 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 29.5 by 29 by 11 inches. The Lowdown: The City Mini Double is Baby ...

Stroller Review: BOB Revolution Duallie

Credit: Amazon
BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller The Basics: 32 pounds. Two months to 50 pounds per seat, though the company recommends waiting until children are 8 months of age prior to using this stroller for jogging or off-roading. 34.1 inch...

UPPABaby Vista 2010 Stroller Review

Credit: Amazon
UPPAbaby Vista Stroller The Basics: 24 pounds. Good from birth to 50 pounds with bassinet. 25 inches at the widest point when it's unfolded. Collapses to 32 by 26.5 by 18 inches. The Lowdown: Since it first hit the market, the UP...

Stroller Review: Micralite Toro

Credit: Amazon
Micralite Toro Active Stroller The Basics: 19 pounds. Good from birth with carrycot and 6 months without to 40 pounds. 24 inches at the widest point when unfolded. Collapses to 39.5 by 14 by 17 inches. The Lowdown: The Micralite To...

Delivering Birthday Party Invitations: An Unexpected Workout

At Cabin Fever we aim to make room for everyone in the family to participate, however small or tall the activity. In our last post, our almost-seven-year-old made her own birthday invitations. Thus, our Saturday afternoon plan: to deliver freshly-mad...

Recall: Maclaren Pulls More Than 1 Million Strollers

Credit: CPSC
Maclaren USA is recalling more than a million of their popular umbrella strollers due to a defect that causes children to get their fingertips amputated in the strollers' hinges. The voluntary recall is for the following models o...

Does Your Stroller Face Forward or Back?

Breast or bottle? Plastic or wooden toys? So many decisions. Now we can add a new one to the list: Forward- vs. toward-facing strollers. New research suggests that children who use strollers that face the person pushing them interact and laugh wit...

Baby Carriage Robbery

So you're driving along, enjoying your day, perhaps thinking about your destination when, suddenly, a baby carriage appears before you. You hit the brakes as hard as you can in a desperate attempt to stop in time, but it's no good -- you hit the carr...


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