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Cell Phone Confiscated, Student Sues

A student, who was expelled from school for refusing to surrender his cell phone, is now suing the school. Credit: Getty Images "They can have my cell phone -- with saucy pictures of my ex-girlfriend -- when they pry it from my cold, d...Catholic school faces lawsuit after student refuses to hand over cell phone.

Death to Teacher? One Student Punished for Facebook Words, One for Spiking Drink With Staples

Credit: Getty Images
There are rules in society, boys and girls.
If you wish someone dead or injured, you skulk around muttering out about it under your breath. You occasionally shoot him or her the stink eye. You do not go blabb...
A student wishes her teacher dead while another "spikes" a teacher's tea.

High School Wrestler Allegedly Crosses Line Between 'Butt Grab' and OMG!

Preston Hill, suspended from school for a wrestling move he did on a teammate, with his mother, Kristen Hill, shows medals he's won in wrestling since the fourth grade. Credit: John Walker, The Fresno Bee / ZUMA Press
Whoa! Is this a wrestling ...
High school wrestler's "butt grab" allegedly goes waaay too far.


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