SmackDown: Is College Sex Site Worse Than Your Average Hookup?

Illustration by Dori Hartley
Here's a Thought: Hit the Books, Not the Sack! by Jennifer Mattern Ah, college! One's first foray into adulthood, a time of self-growth, newfound wisdom, and rampant casual ...
Is an online booty call worse? Two parents duke it out.

Community College Grads Earning More Early On Than Those With Bachelor's Degrees, Data Reveals

Community college may give your student an initial advantage in the workforce. Credit: Getty If you thought you had your child's future education and career track all figured out, new data about the emerging workforce may cause you to ...An associate's degree may mean more money -- at least early on in your child's career.

Opinion: Students Should Not 'Friend' Teachers Online

Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone! Credit: jupiterimages
Kids: Friending your teachers on Facebook is a bad idea. Period. In a recent story, high school physics teacher Peter Kupfer tells the Chicago Tribune he is "not worried about shari...

Survey: Teachers Believe in High Expectations, but Standards Fall Short in Practice

There are "significant gaps" in teacher and student perceptions about academic success. Credit: Getty Images
Aim high, achieve low? According to new research, educators strongly believe in the importance of high standards for students, but...

Rewarding Kids May Not Be the Best Motivator for Success

Daniel Pink, author of Drive, suggests carrots and sticks might not motivate. Credit: Jerry Bauer
Whether it's getting them to master toilet training, trigonometry or taking out the trash, motivating kids sometimes involves a reward. But ar...

Lawsuit Aims to Put End to Paddling as Punishment in Mississippi Schools

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Credit: Corbis
Abolished in a majority of states, paddling is still practiced in Mississippi schools, but a federal lawsuit is hoping to strike a blow against corporal punishment. The lawsuit seeks a "prelimina...

Inner-City Students Trying to Raise Money for Holocaust History Tour

Auschwitz is just one of the places a group of inner-city students hope to visit this spring for a trip focusing on World War II death camps. Credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D., Flickr
A trip of a lifetime has low-income students planning fund-raisers and...

LipDub Videos Show High Schoolers' Directorial Chops

Move over, Martin Scorsese -- you've got competition. Students at high schools and universities are trying their hand at one-shot videos featuring hundreds of cast members lip-syncing to catchy pop tunes. Senior Luke McDaneld at Lawrence H...

Teacher Gives Sex Tape to Students

Teacher begs students not to press play. Photo:
One teacher shared a memory of herself when she accidentally included a private sex scene on a DVD for the class. To commemorate the past school year and say goodbye to her fifth grade cl...

Are Co-Ed Dorms a Good Idea?

Boys and girls living together! Oh my! Photo:
When classes begin at the University of Chicago next semester, the school will take a giant step forward in shedding its ultra-conservative image. For the first time in its 117-year history,...

Does Better Pay Mean Better Teachers?

Is teacher pay the key to improving public schools? Image:
This fall, a new charter school will open in the Washington Heights neighborhood of new York City that will seek to prove that excellent teachers -- not technology, exceptional pri...

Teacher-Student Sex - Legal at Age 18?

When a 33-year-old teacher allegedly has a months-long sexual affair with a senior in his high school, he has to realize that he's doing something wrong. But according to a Washington appeals court, the affair was technically legal. That was Matth...

School System Dropping 'Gifted' Label

Having decided that labeling some children as gifted and others not is arbitrary and unfair, the Montgomery County school system in Maryland has decided the drop the label altogether. This decision came after years spent unsuccessfully trying to fix ...

Is Jail Time the Answer to Truancy?

A Florida mother was arrested recently not for something she did, but for something she didn't do. She didn't make sure that her ninth-grade daughter went to school every day. After the girl racked up 59 unexcused absences, the Alachua County's schoo...

Should Recess Be Mandated?

Ellie had two early dismissal days at school last week and came home complaining. She wasn't upset about missing a few hours of school, she was bummed about missing recess. I sympathized, but pointed out to her that some kids don't get recess at all....


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