Students Cruising Through College With Little Asked of Them, Little Learned, Book Says

That diploma won't mean much if your college student skips on the studying. Credit: Getty When you phone your daughter at college at 3 p.m., only to discover she's just rolling out of bed, or you ask your university-attending son what ...Growing numbers of undergraduates are moving through college without working particularly hard, and without key learning skills, such as complex reasoning and critical thinking.

Ball and Chain Traps Kids Into Studying

Should homework feel like punishment? Image:
For some kids, doing homework is pure torture. Being forced to sit still and concentrate on something boring while fun things are happening elsewhere can feel like punishment where the only crim...

When do you do homework?

Now that Ellie is in first grade in a public school, she has homework. Every day, she brings home a sheet or two of work that must be completed by her, signed by me, and returned to school the following day. At first, she was excited about homework a...

How to graduate from college in one year

I was always an overachiever -- especially academically -- but this girl from Michigan puts me to shame. At 19, Nicole Matisse is on track to graduate this summer with a bachelor's degree in psychology -- after only 1 year of classes. And she's not e...

10 web tools for your college student

Is your son or daughter in college, or getting ready to head off this fall? If so, you might want to check out the education-finance site NextPath's list of 10 sites that are particularly helpful to students. Along with each listing is a short, stude...

The thinking of teenage boys

Every Monday and Wednesday I spend about two hours tutoring a group of boys from my son's class. These boys are all bright and creative, but they lack some of the academic incentives they will need next year when they leave their small Waldorf school...

Give me independence or nothing at all: life with a teen

Last night after dinner, I asked my oldest son, Loren, if he had finished his homework. His school has the entire week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but he will spending the bulk of his break in Utah with his father and his grandparents. Since I ...


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