8-Year-Old Daredevil Wing-Walker Attempts World Record

In a jaw-dropping show of bravery, 8-year-old Tiger Brewer took to the wing of his grandfather's biplane. Credit: BARM/Fame Pictures Most 8-year-olds are lucky if they can hit a curve ball. But London's Tiger Brewer has hung out on the wing ...

India Schools Ban Risky Stunts

A martial-arts teacher in India drives a motorcycle over students' hands. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Would you let this guy drive over your child's precious hands? In the safety obsessed culture that defines the modern American parenting exp...

Angelina Jolie makes action movies for her kids

Actress and sometime do-gooder Angelina Jolie claims she makes action movies for her children. I'm not sure who got her to come out of her shell long enough to hear this information--Jolie has been tucked away safely since the birth of her twins...


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