Trunki by Melissa & Doug

Luggage you can ride on? Oh, yeah. Credit:
July is the heart of family travel time -- which, while extremely fun, can also be extremely stressful.
That's why easing the luggage burden is so important. Check out...
Part suitcase, part riding toy, the Trunki will make travel fun -- and easier on you!

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa School!

When I was a kid my Uncle Bob, who lived down the street, used to dress up like Santa Claus and visit our house Christmas Eve to deliver presents. He was pretty convincing, I must admit, in his Santa suit, beard and bag of presents (it was actually...

No more neckties

It's not something I will mourn: the passing of the necktie. I used to have quite a few, but for the last decade or so I've been down to one -- a Dilbert tie still in the package in which my mother-in-law gave it to me. I gave up on ties a long time...

Suit and tie -- that's a suspension

Golden Gate High School in Naples, Florida, has, like many schools, a dress code for students. The code calls for collared or polo shirts in a solid color and extending three inches below the waist. They must also be tucked in. What it doesn't allow,...


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