summer fun 

Do you have an extra kid at your house?

Ever since I found out that my son was playing doctor with his best friend, I decided that maybe they needed to play more at our house, instead of running unsupervised around the neighborhood. As a result, we now have an extra kid here most of the ti...

The ups and downs of a diagnosis

The past few weeks have been a puzzlement for our family as we have waited for a diagnosis for our nine-year-old daughter. Initially I feared she had developed an eating disorder, rather disheartening considering she is so young. Then doctor determin...

Blogging Baby Size 6: Toddlers and water activities

I have made no secret of the fact that my toddler kicks my butt everyday as I try to keep up with him and all his needs. Having been a working-outside-of-the-home mother with my other two, I am truly struggling as a work-from-home mom with this one. ...


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