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Summer Fun and Games: You Could Be Your Kid's Favorite Toy

Most children would do anything to have their busy parents get on the floor and play with them, especially in their early years. Credit: Getty Images Pop quiz: What toy does your child most want to play with this summer? It's a tr...Playing with your child this summer could mean lots of fun for both of you.

Surviving a Summer of Shared Custody

Juggling separate vacations with camp and daycare schedules can throw everyone off-kilter. Credit Getty Images For divorced moms and dads, sharing custody during summer vacation can be a challenge. Juggling separate vacations with camp...Juggling separate vacations with camp and daycare schedules can throw everyone off-kilter -- but these tips can help make sure your custody schedule doesn’t put a damper on summer fun.

10 Things You Never Thought of to Combat Summer Boredom

Beat the summertime blues with some fresh ideas. Credit: Getty Images
Ah, summertime. Those long, lazy days of sleeping in, lounging around and generally taking it easy. Who doesn't look forward to the end of the school year and the beginning o...

Summer Camp and Tipping: What You Need to Know

Should you slip some cash to your kid's camp counselor? Credit: Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains / AP
Soon, parents everywhere will be packing up their children and sending them off for the adventure of a lifetime at summer camp. It's...

Hope for Craft-Challenged Moms

Over the years I've written books and countless articles about keeping kids creatively occupied in the summer. This being the case, people naturally assume that I'm an arts-and-crafts diva -- you know, the kind of mom who saves Styrofoam meat tra...

Summer Survival Strategies

Summer months are ripe with opportunity to help your kids grow in important ways and make positive memories that will last a lifetime, but there's also plenty of potential for overspending and aggravation. You can make this your family's best summer ...

Exchange Your Clutter for Cash

Spring is here, and you've probably started rooting through the garage for the bicycles and scooters and golf clubs. You've also probably started to wonder where all that stuff came from, those piles of things that no one is using but no one wants to...

Midsummer woes of a WAHM

Summertime can be a drain on moms everywhere. For those of us who work from home, the sudden influx of kids in our work spaces often means a decrease in productivity. Summer for kids means lots of activities and a director to coordinate those outings...

Sidewalk paint: the sweet sweet sounds of spring

Do you hear that? Listen... It's the sound of a quiet house after school. My house is getting quieter these days because Spring has officially arrived. My children are shedding their backpacks on the kitchen floor and racing from the backdoor to the ...


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