summer break 

Why Summer Break Scares Me

Summer break has begun. Some moms are thrilled about this. They can't wait to go on adventures and hang out all day long for weeks at a time with their kids. Their calendars are already filled with plans for family field trips and crafts and such....Planning 10 weeks of activities for the kids has this mom freaked out before summer has even begun.

Both ends of the parenting spectrum, and both are pretty darn scary

These days I find being a mother to be challenging in a way that leaves my every nerve ending frayed by the end of the day. My almost three year-old, Devon, challenges me nearly every minute of the day with the sort of contrary state that only a pers...

Do your kids return to school in the heat of August?

While some of us are starting to think/hope that our kids will return to school, others are actively preparing by buying school clothes and lunch boxes, and yet others are already sending their kids on the school buses and enjoying that first cup of ...

The summertime hump

No, not like that. But it is a catchy title. Perhaps I should have called this post the summertime blues, or the summertime jitters. Whatever the case, every year I find myself getting a bit antsy by the time mid July rolls around. By now we have don...


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