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How to Make a Paper Water Balloon Bomb

When the temperatures are soaring and it's too hot to do much of anything, we have three words for you: Water. Balloon. Fight. What's that you say? It's too steamy out to force yourself to leave your house in search of balloons to fill? Sit your s...No latex balloons on hand? No problem! Use paper to make a splash with this water balloon.

How to Make the Best of Summer 'Down Time'

Sometimes, we get so caught up in planning summer activities that we forget about the simple ways to have fun in the sun. Whatever happened to just relaxing by the pool? So, in between vacation and summer camp, here a few ways to enjoy your s...
Sometimes, we get so caught up in planning summer activities that we forget about the simple ways to have fun in the sun.

Pumponator Water Balloon Toy

Pump up the summer fun with a water balloon fight. Credit:
This toy is so gonna pump (clap) your kids up this summer.
Can you say water balloon fight? The Pumponator, a pumping station for filling balloons with water ...
Did somebody say water balloon fight?

Spielstabil Ice Cream Set

Scoop up fun with this ice cream set. Credit:
Summer and ice cream are always a winning combination, so why not scoop up a little yummy fun for the little ones?
We're especially craving Spielstabil's Ice Cream Set, a BPA-...
Play ice cream shop in the sand, then wash it up and dish up real ice cream later.

Dora and SpongeBob Sunbow Sunscreen

Dora sunscreen? Fabuloso! Credit:
We don't know about you, but getting our kids to stand still for sunscreen can put a real damper on fun in the sun.
But bring Dora or SpongeBob into the process and things suddenly get...
The Nickoldeon characters make sunscreen application a breeze.

This Summer, Give Your Kids the Gift of Boredom

During the last few weeks of school my kids brought home piles of flyers for summer camps and activities. The pressure on parents to fill those once-lazy-summer-days with organized and expensive activities is tremendous. After all, they all sound...

Under-Scheduling Children - How Bad?

I don't know, what do you guys want to do? Photo:
This year many mom-friends are skipping the camp-gymnastics-art-class-tutoring routine for a more relaxed (not to mention cheaper) summer. One the one hand, this sounds ultra-ap...

Skipping Sunscreen - How Bad?

"Is that sunscreen in your hand?" Photo courtesy of
For some families, this delicious weather also brings a delightful daily battle: Child vs. Sunscreen-Applier! There is nothing like a long, drawn out war-by-the-door over su...

Summer Survival Strategies

Summer months are ripe with opportunity to help your kids grow in important ways and make positive memories that will last a lifetime, but there's also plenty of potential for overspending and aggravation. You can make this your family's best summer ...

Kids overscheduled this summer? Go retro!

So far, this is turning out to be a retro summer! By foregoing the organized sport/activity route, my kids are busy making themselves busy. Two weeks ago, my budding capitalists set up a lemonade stand in our driveway. They made signs, lemonade, a...

Image of the Day: A boy on a frog

One of the great things about being a child is that adults construct giant sized animals for your enjoyment. This boy is discovering just how much fun it is to sit upon a larger than life frog and ponder the day. A big thank you to bigpurpleshoe for ...

Simple summer fun with vinegar and baking soda volcanoes

Yesterday my two boy, ages 14 and almost 3, were kicking about the house and nagging me while I was trying to work. We have rid out home of the cable television, they had already read books and the older one has lost his computer privileges for the w...

Simple summertime pleasures

Summer has just started and the kids have already started their relentless begging to watch television or play video games. Before succumbing to their electronic addictions, how about making a list of forgotten summertime pleasures to enjoy? Most are...

Toys R Us 2007 best summer toys list

I have a friend who sometimes takes her 5 year old twin boys to Toys R Us just for fun. They don't buy anything, they just look and play with the toys. I could never do this with Ellie. We rarely set foot in that store because she becomes so filled w...

Blogging Baby Size 6: Turning off the TV and computer

We notice such a vast difference in our kids in terms of their behavior, their calmness, and their creativity when we force them to turn off all of the screens in the house (as Mary P. calls them): The TV and computer screens. We usually let them pla...


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