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Want Your Teen to Get a Summer Job? Only 1 in 4 Will Succeed, Report Says

Mowing lawns this summer may look pretty good to teens on the hunt for jobs. Credit: Getty Images Feel like screaming "Get a job!" to your teenager this summer? Parental threats of no car keys, groundings or taking phones away if they ...The summer unemployment rate for U.S. teens is expected to be worst since WWII.

Summer jobs can lead to drug experimentation

According to Drug Free America, summer can mean more than swimming, sunning and shopping for some teenagers. June, July and August are also the months in which teens are more likely to try marijuana for the first time. And as much as parents might wa...

College students as lab rats

Christy is taking the summer off from school and looking to make some money with a part time job. She is focusing her job search on law offices, but perhaps being a paid lab rat might be more profitable. It certainly would be interesting. In Boston, ...


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