summer toys 

Two Headed Curly Serpent Raft

Pool fun takes on a slithering new toy. Credit:
They say two heads are better than one, and when it comes to this water toy, we definitely agree.
The Two Headed Curly Serpent raft from Swimline is sure to add some excitem...
Kids will have a blast as they splash around with this beast of a raft.

Spielstabil Ice Cream Set

Scoop up fun with this ice cream set. Credit:
Summer and ice cream are always a winning combination, so why not scoop up a little yummy fun for the little ones?
We're especially craving Spielstabil's Ice Cream Set, a BPA-...
Play ice cream shop in the sand, then wash it up and dish up real ice cream later.

Splash Bombs 8-Piece Pool Party Pack

Splash Bombs offer fun in the sun. Credit: Getting your stuff together for a day at the pool or beach can feel like packing for two-week road trip. Towels, suits, sunscreen, munchies, water bottles, water wings, toys ... Th...Make a splash by toting along these water toys.


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