Image of the Day: Riding high

One of the best parts about being a small person is that you can perch just about anywhere for a better view. Such is the case with this little guy. And doesn't he look like he thinks his bird's eye view is just about the best thing in the world? I l...

Those Friday folders, again

Remember last year when Jerry Falwell's Liberty Council fought for -- and won -- the right to send religious information home in the "Friday folders", and then got their knickers in a twist because other, non-Falwellian religions took advantage of it...

Military summer camps on your schedule?

There were more than a few moments over the winter when I dreamed of carting my kids off to summer camp. Any kind of camp would be great, but perhaps a military sort of camp that would whip them into shape and lend them some discipline sounded even b...

Would you send your kid to combat camp?

A week or so ago, we happened to be at a local mall where a summer camp fair was taking place -- there were tables all through the mall promoting science camps and horseback riding camps and nature camps and soccer camps and so on. One such table cau...

Paul Newman hosts camps for terminally ill children

Paul Newman is one of the few celebrities who use their fame to help those with less. His line of specialty foods has raised over $200 million dollars for charity to date. But another philanthropic endeavor of his are his Hole in the Wall Gang camps....


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