sun damage 

Your Teenager's (Probably) Been Out in the Sun Too Long, Study Shows

Survey shows British teens are ignorant about sun safety. Credit: Corbis
"That kid has been out in the sun too long."
You probably thought that about your teenage son or daughter before, but now there is science to back you up. R...
Survey shows British teens are ignorant about sun safety.

The hidden dangers of lip gloss

My 7-year-old is crazy for the lip gloss. She can be convinced to wear lip balm, but prefers the shiny wet look that can only be achieved through the liberal application of gooey, flavored lip gloss. If it has sparkles in it, even better. The resulti...

Do your kids wear sunglasses?

I was reading this article about the damage the sun can do to unprotected eyes and started thinking about Ellie's drawer full of sunglasses. Most of her sunglasses were party favors or dollar store buys. Only a few of them say they actually provide a...


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