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Infants Particularly Vulnerable to the Sun

Watch Videos Related to Infants and Sunscreen Safety!
Sure, they're having a ball, but did they remember the sunscreen? Credit: Getty Images As summer approaches, remember that infants' skin is particularly vulnerable to skin cance...
Pediatricians urge special protection for infants' skin.

Cheap sunglasses are worse than none at all

Most parents know that, in order to protect their kids' eyes, kids should wear sunglasses when they're out in the sun. Yes, even eyeballs can get sunburned. In fact, ultraviolet (UV) light can do much worse than just cause a corneal sunburn -- long t...

Sun safety 101

Though it was only 48 degrees where I live yesterday, I've heard a rumor that it's finally heating up in other parts of the country. With a three day weekend on the way, that's good news! It's also a good time for a refresher course on sun safety, be...

Is that sunscreen really doing the job?

Our neighborhood pool will open this weekend and we are all ready with new swim suits, floats and sunscreen. I am proud to say that Ellie and I went to the pool almost every day last summer and not once did either of us get sunburned. But this articl...


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