Best beaches for kids?

A new article touts the best beaches to consider hitting this summer. Now that Memorial Day is upon us in all its promising glory, beaches (as well as sunblock, floppy hats and other sun considerations) are tops on everyone's mind. I read this arti...

I believe my kids will now wear sunblock. Always.

In early December I was diagnosed with one of the earliest forms of skin cancer on my face. This came as no surprise because my nose had been peeling for over 18 months despite the fact that I haven't been in the sun for years. I had a few nasty sunb...

Life as a soccer mom: The Gear

Being a Soccer Mom means you need the required Soccer Mom goods. Some moms do it up far more than others, but the basics involve a bag containing all the small necessities from sunblock to an Ace bandage to extra snacks and drinks. An umbrella is nic...

Sun cream that heals sunburn

Like many Blogging Baby readers, sunblock is a staple in my diaper bag, purse and the glove compartment of my car. I have a red head, a tow head and we live at 6,600 feet. We use the cream every day, all year long. Without sunscreen we would likely h...

Positive parenting and healthy sun habits in children

A report in the August issue of Archives of Dermatology reports that a program that helps parents talk to their children about skin cancer risks may promote sun-safe behaviors, especially when parents and children have a high-quality relationship. Ap...

No more excuses, wear your sunscreen

The new continuous spray sunscreens are knocking down some serious barriers to the long held objections about applying sunscreen. The number one complaint about sunscreen is that it is gloppy, thick and a bit of a pain to apply and reapply and reappl...


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