Swedish Parents Fight to Name Son Q

Should parents be allowed to name their kids whatever they please? Image:
If you are a James Bond fan, the name Q may sound familiar. In the Bond movies, Q is the head of the Q Branch, the research and development division of the British S...

Sweden lightens up on weird baby name ban

(Top 12 Most Awful Baby Names Ever) For a country that seems a tad uptight when it comes to unusual baby names, Sweden sure has a lot of parents pushing the envelope. Elvis, Superman, Google and Lego are just a few examples of parents going for s...

Painting rooms

Okay, so you're an awesome sort of parent and when your son is born, you paint his nursery with all the Winnie the Pooh characters you hope he'll love. For five years, it's a wonderful room and the envy of toddlers everywhere. But your little one is ...

"4Real" rejected as baby name, so parents choose "Superman" instead

Awhile back, I wrote about Pat and Sheena Wheaton, who were fighting with the government in New Zealand for the right to name their baby 4Real (they chose the name after realizing their baby was..."for real"). Unfortunately for the couple (or maybe f...

Parents take crazy baby names to the extreme

Would you name your child Gandalph? How about Superman? Before Edan was born, I used to joke that we should name her "I'm not supposed to tell you", or "Jxxhtizial", and tell people that it was just a unique spelling of "Julie". That'd spawn hilariou...

Christopher Reeve's son "doing well"

I remember the day Superman died. I don't know why. I know they're just celebrities, artificially elevated human beings who have cowlicks and spinach in their teeth like the rest of us. But somehow, because they walk across our screens and over our ...

Superhero stamps debuting

For those who either secretly covet superheroes or those who openly adore them well into adulthood, a special day awaits you this Friday. The United States Postal Service is introducing a line of Superhero stamps. The stamps will debut at both a San ...

Dana Reeve dies, leaving 13-year-old son

Dana Reeve died yesterday, suddenly, quietly, of lung cancer at the age of 44. She had never smoked, like 20% of lung cancer victims, and her death was even more poignant given that her famous husband, Christopher Reeve, had passed away a little more...


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