My Surname Doesn't Go With the Names I Like

Someone once told me that I need to keep my new last name in mind when picking baby names -- I shouldn't pick a name that ends with the same sound as my last name. Problem is, my last name is now Urban -- and there are so many names that I love that ...

Man sues to take wife's name

After getting married, many women take their husband's last name. Other women hang on to their own name, or hyphenate to make a new, combined surname. It's unusual, however, to find a man who adopts his new wife's name as his own. Still, it's possibl...

Eva Longoria takes her husband's name

When I married Christy's father all those years ago, I took his last name. It never occurred to me that I didn't have to do that - as far as I knew, all women (or in my case, girls) changed their last names to that of their husband. Plus, we were goi...

Pick a surname, any surname

When we got married, Rachel kept her last name the same. So did I. She felt strongly that she didn't want to change her name and I didn't care either way. Plus, as a school teacher, she didn't want to confuse her students by changing names. At her sc...


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