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Would You Wear a Bracelet Made From Your Kids' Teeth?

Susan Sarandon isn't rocking pearls -- she rocking pearly whites. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for David Lynch Foundation Susan Sarandon is an amazingly talented and beautiful actress. She is also a mom, and according to pub...Susan Sarandon's new bracelet isn't made of pearls ... it's made of pearly whites.

Susan Sarandon, Other Activists Work to Provide 'Safe Harbor' for Child Prostitutes

Susan Sarandon attends the US Stop Sex Trafficking Of Children & Young People Campaign kick off event in New York City. Credit: Bennett Raglin, WireImage
Believe it or not, many -- if not most -- child prostitutes would rather not sell their ...

Susan Sarandon's daughter says mom is fashion-challenged

I laughed when I read Susan's recent post on carpool chic. It took me less than a week to go from showered and styled at kindergarten drop-off to stumbling into school in yoga pants. I have a few years yet before my kids are mortified by what I'm wea...

The new Hollywood sex symbol: moms

Twenty years ago, it seems that women in Hollywood were putting off having children as long as possible. Big stars like Madonna and Susan Sarandon were nearly 40-years-old before they had their first child. Motherhood and a Hollywood career didn't re...

Charlize Theron married...........sort of

After seven years together, actors Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron have pledged their love and exchanged rings to become husband and wife. Or did they? The celebrity couple skipped out on all the pomp and paperwork. "We didn't have a ceremony,...


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