Make a Cooking Date With Your Child

Cabin Fever loves to cook. And I want my children to love cooking, too. While they all know how to stir batter, eat chocolate chips off the counter and lick the bowl, I've struggled to find time to involve each of them individually in the preparation...

Pregnancy food don'ts -- don't believe the hype?

I found out I was pregnant with Nate a week before we were to leave on a crazy, Amazing Race style, Scandinavian adventure. At only 5 weeks (and unexpectedly) pregnant, I hadn't quite managed to let the fear and reality of what was happening to me se...

The illegal food of pregnancy

Mom 101 wrote a post yesterday that described spicy tuna roll so delectably that I found myself yearning for sushi. And I don't even like sushi. It must have been outrageously difficult for Liz to compose the post: envisioning the object of her desir...

My kids are so perfectly behaved? Schyeah! Whatever

My husband was working late Friday night, and I had some money burning a hole in my little knitted purse. I dropped off the babysitter after finishing up my workday and asked Everett if he wanted to go out to eat. "What do you want?" I aske...

Mamaku on sushi

Remember mamaku? I've got one for you: Why am I so proud? My picky eater ordered Vegetable sushi And he ate it, too. If you were me, you'd be waxing poetic, too....

My kids are eating me out of house and home

Why is it that kids will only eat the high dollar items on their plate? Both of my girls turn their noses up at potatoes in any form (except fries), but will happily scarf down opah that is $10 a pound. They won't eat plain, old cheddar but can eat t...


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