Build a Gingerbread House This Weekend

Nothing says family time like a great craft or cooking project, and a gingerbread house is just that. It's the perfect Saturday activity to keep antsy kids busy while they wait for Santa to come. Historically, it's not clear how the gingerbread...

Sweet | Salty's Kate gives birth to twins

Recently, J.D. wrote eloquently about his admiration of Kate, author of Sweet | Salty. At the time, Kate and her husband, Justin, were preparing for the birth of their twin boys. Kate's babies, Liam Stewart and Benjamin Peter, were born on...

Sleepover Update: Liam and Ben

Between the time I started writing about Kate at Sweet | Salty and when I finished, she managed to post an update. Her twins, Liam Stewart and Benjamin Peter, were born on Friday "after an acute case of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and a...


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