High-Fructose Corn Syrup: A Cheap, Unhealthy Form of Sugar

Dear Karla, I've been doing some research on high-fructose corn syrup to try to determine if it's too unhealthy and harmful for my family. Being that it originates from corn, is it really as bad as some claim it to be? Should I avoid it with my kids...

Study Ties a Kid's Sweet Tooth to Depression, Family History of Alcoholism

Depression can lead kids to crave more sweets. Credit: shelleylyn, Flickr
The school bully stole your lunch money. Everyone laughed when you tripped in gym class. That cute girl in the third row likes you. She just doesn't like like you. You never...

Halloween doesn't have to mean candy

Sure, we have a problem with childhood obesity in this country but, come on, what country doesn't? What's it going to hurt to let kids pig out one night a year? I mean, Halloween only comes once a year, just like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, t...

New Zealand school bans birthday cake

Students at Oteha Valley primary school in New Zealand will have to find another way to celebrate their birthdays on site. The school recently banned birthday cakes due to new government guidelines designed to promote healthy eating. The Ministry ...

Too much candy gets Grandma banned

A woman in Scotland has won the right to see her grandchildren, after being banned by the children's mother -- her own daughter. The reason for being cut-off? Too much candy. The mother claimed that Grandma would show up with bags full of sweets and ...

How much candy?

Okay, so last night, we passed out candy to witches and Backyardigans, presidents and plumbers, superheroes and goblins. I had picked up a couple of big bags of treats at Costco and they were -- mostly -- still intact when the first trick-or-treaters...

Halloween candy trade-in

I got an e-mail from the kids' dentists recently letting us know about their Halloween Candy Trade-in program. Basically, kids who bring in their candy can trade it in for a "special toy". Now, everyone knows how bad all that Halloween candy is for y...

ParentDish Size Six: Best fall recipes

Pull out the slow cooker and start pre-heating the oven! These delicious and easy recipes will bring smiles to the whole family during the fall season . 1) Paula Deen's Taco Soup - Talk about an easy recipe - it should be called "Empty the Pantry"...

Celebrating birthdays at school

Ellie's 7th birthday falls on a school day this year. In the past, she attended a small private school where bringing treats to share with the class was not only allowed, it was expected. But now that she is public school, the rules have changed and ...


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