Mom Gets Christmas Surprise - A Baby

Every now and then you hear the story: A women, usually a teen or college student, gives birth after having "no idea" that she's been pregnant for the past nine months. Most of the time, it's assumed that having "no idea" is a euphemism for "was t...

Clay Aiken's baby health scare

Mr. Aiken, welcome to the wonderful world of parenting. Sure, it's one filled with joy and happiness, but it's also, more than occasionally, one filled with fear. Clay Aiken learned about this less seemly side of parenting just weeks after the birth...

Angelina Jolie suffering from post-partum depression?

I'm not at all inclined to believe any of the flotsam floating around out there about the state of Angelina Jolie's twins' health. I am inclined to believe, however, the bits about Angelina suffering from post partum depression (PPD). Ange is a mom j...

Camphor is dangerous for children

The Health Department warned New Yorkers this week to avoid giving products containing camphor to their children. Three seizures in children in the Bronx have been connected with camphor overdose. Children ingest it (which no one should) or it is ...

Multiple miscarriages

Recently someone wrote into ParentDish about having had multiple miscarriages. She was, from what I could tell from the tone of her email, basically at her wit's end about what to do. More importantly, this woman (who shall remain anonymous) asked...

Unusual side-effects of pregnancy

When people think of pregnancy and all the symptoms that go along with it, they probably think of things such as nausea, vomiting and an aching back. But there's a variety of symptoms that all the pregnancy books don't tell you about. I remember flip...


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