Cut-out fetus maternity wear is kinda gross

At first glance, I thought this was cute. Like, "oh, look at the little fetus outline -- because there's a fetus in her belly, I get it!" Then I looked closer, noticed the scissors, and was a little creeped out. I have no idea what the designer is t...

Very Meri Shirts

There are a lot of online stores where you can buy t-shirts for your kids. Here's one where you can buy t-shirts designed by kids. Very Meri "gives a voice to children of all ages, through whimsical and uplifting clothing, while promoting the arts an...

Back to school fashions are heating up

Market researchers are predicting that back to school shoppers will focus on the basics when choosing their fashions this year. Consumers will be less willing to open their pocketbooks for trendy items; they will be more interested in adding quality ...

Chocolates and t-shirts for moms and kids

Easter is around the corner and if you are looking for something unusual to put in your Easter baskets, look no further. Yummie Confections and Clothing is a sweet site that sells delicious looking candies along side blingy t-shirts, hats, and track ...

Baby tees make me laugh... but not everyone will

I was surfing around some local mama's blogs when I came across BabyWit, a producer of custom-made baby tees that range from the witty to the highly ironic. Many of them made me laugh out loud, like the pictured tee ("made from recycled genetic ...

Valentine's Day t-shirts $5 at Old Navy

If you're on the hunt for a sweet and practical Valentine's Day gift for a special child in your life, check out Old Navy's graphic tees. The shirt shown has a shiny foil heart featuring intricate designs and cute, cap sleeves. The shirts are 100% co...

Blogging Baby Round Table: is sex tee cute or obscene?

When I first saw this tee, with the slogan, "Sex: Do it for the kids," my immediate reaction was that I wanted one. Then, I thought a little more and wondered if it wasn't a little, umm, obscene. Would I wear this around my mom? No. But wou...


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