Disposable Tableware Made With Sugar Cane? Sweet!

Bon appétit! Credit: Branch
Take your next picnic to a whole new level with WASARA disposable tableware, a line of gorgeous Japanese-designed products made to fit comfortably in the hand, while beautifully framing your culinary creations...

Outgrowing the Kids' Table

I'm sure you remember as a kid sitting with all your sisters, brothers, and/or cousins at the kids table for your holiday meal. Most kids were fine with it, especially if it was, say, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve when the...

DailyDish - Let the Kids Set Their Own Thanksgiving Table

This Thanksgiving, save time and sanity (yours) by letting the kids decorate and set their own table....

Sitting down to dinner

We generally all have dinner together in the evenings. The only exceptions are the rare times when Rachel or I get stuck at work or have a meeting, or when someone is sick. Jared and I sit on one side of the table; Sara and Rachel are on the other. I...

Poof! It's a table!

Our friends over at Luxist found this nifty table/stool/rug combination piece. Wait, table and stool makes sense, but... rug? Yes. Push the button in the middle of this quilted rug and suddenly you have a footstool or table, a la the Transformers. I'...

Product Recall: Target "Play Wonder" Puzzle Tables

Target, of Minneapolis, Minn., in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their "Play Wonder" Puzzle Tables. The puzzle pieces have small handles which can come off and potentially choke a child. In addition,...

Finally -- the perfect table-and-chairs set for kids

For months now, I've been pining for the perfect table-and-chair set for my toddler daughter, Alex.  "Oh, how I long for the perfect table-and-chair set!" I would moan to my long-suffering husband, Marcus.  "The circles Alex ...


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