How to Play: Capture the Flag

Run and get your flag before the other team! Credit: Getty Images What you need: Two equally-numbered teams, a large playing field divided into three sections (each team's home base and one neutral space) and a flag (also can be a T-sh...Get your flag first to win the game.

How to Play: Hide and Seek

Close your eyes and count to 10! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: All you need is a group of children. This game can be played indoors or outdoors.
How to play: One player is chosen to be "it," or the "seeker." The rest of the p...
Don't get found!

How to Play: One Potato

Play One Potato to count off for another game. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: All you need is a group of children. How to play: This is a counting-off game designed to select someone as "it" for games like H...
"One potato, two potato, three potato, four, five potato, six potato, seven potato, more."

How to Play: Sponge Tag

Splat goes the tag! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: You need a large, soft sponge, like the one you use to wash a car. How to play: This game is a variation of Tag, using a wet sponge to tag a player. The rules: Once children have pi...

How to Play: Ball Tag

Tag! You're it! Credit: Corbis
What you need: A group of children and an 8 1/2-inch playground ball. An adult supervisor is recommended, as this game, like dodgeball, can get rough. How to play: One person is designated as "it" and, instead of...

How to Play: Dodgeball

Don't get hit by the ball to stay alive. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Two equally numbered teams of at least four people and an 8 1/2-inch or 14-inch diameter playground ball. You also need a court with a circle painted or drawn to establ...

How to Play: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock beats scissors! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: All you need is two players. How to play: Players count aloud to three, each time raising one hand in a fist and bringing it down on the count. On three, the players change their hands i...

How to Play: Tag

Don't get tagged! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A group of children and a large, open space.
How to play: One person is designated as "it" and counts to a predetermined number while everyone else gets a running head start. After countin...

Hopscotch Voted Best Playground Game Ever

While too many schools today are nixing recess for more hours in the classroom, most of us grownups have oh-so fond memories of those 20 minutes each day on the playground. It was a time to let loose and have some fun, fun, fun. I remember anxiously ...

Adventure - An essential ingredient of childhood

Schools have banned tag and other chase games. Playground equipment is safe and non-threatening. Swings are short so they can't swing too high. Climbing a tree is a lost art. Keeping kids safe is important, but are we protecting our children too much...

Keeping tabs on schoolkids

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been used for years to track inventory; now, one school district in Rhode Island is planning to use the technology to track students. RFID chips will be put into the kids' schoolbags and read by de...

Playing tag is no longer a benign sport

There have been frequent reports in the media of schools banning the game of "tag" at recess, and now there's yet another elementary school who has blown the whistle on the classic schoolyard game. Kent Gardens Elementary school in Virginia has decre...

I know why they ban tag

Since I began writing for ParentDish, there have been a number of reports of schools that have banned the game of tag in the schoolyard. In fact, Jared's school does not allow any chase-type games. A lot of people don't get this -- after all, kids ha...

Elementary school bans tag on the playground

Ellie didn't have such a great day at school yesterday. Some kids laughed at her when she spilled water on herself, the cafeteria lunch offering was inedible and a boy got a little rough on the playground and 'sort of' punched her. The playground inc...

Games much worse than tag

When I read that tag had been outlawed at an American elementary school earlier this month, I thought back to my childhood. We played games far worse than tag. In fact, I distinctively remember burnt-orange shag carpet, a dark closet, and being 7 ye...


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