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Teenage Girls Continue to 'Fake 'n' Bake' Despite Health Warnings

Teens continue to tan despite health risks. Credit: MTC
Ask Snooki from "Jersey Shore." She knows.
There's nothing like that pre-cancerous glow to say, "Hey, boys, I'm young and sexy. Love me now before my skin turns to beef jerky, ...
Teens still use indoor tanning beds despite all the warnings.

Limit Sun Exposure in Children, Keep Teens Out of Tanning Booths, Report Advises

Lifelong sun protection should begin at an early age. Credit: Getty Yes, you're always sure everyone in the family is slathered in sunscreen when you go to the beach or the pool, but sorry, Mom. That may not be enough to protect your ki...Rates of skin cancer continue to rise, even in younger people.

Do You Go Tanning With Your Kids?

If you go tanning with your kid, are you setting them up for a future of health problems and, perhaps worse, a starring role on "Jersey Shore?" Credit: AP Photo/MTV When teens go to the tanning salon, they typically get thei...

Teens Turn to Dangerous Healthy Glows and Contraband Cigarettes

Prom season is right around the corner, but if your teen is looking for a "glow" to go with her fierce new dress, you might want to think twice: The Ontario Medical Association is urging a ban on tanning beds for those under 18. There is a new optio...

Tanning Teens Run High Risk Of Skin Cancer, FDA Warns

Katie Donnar, 18, who frequently used tanning beds, shows the scar from where a melanoma was removed from her leg. Credit: Daniel R. Patmore, AP Tanning beds cause cancer. That's the conclusion of a report by the World Health Organization's canc...

Legislator wants to ban tanning for teens under 16

I spent a good amount of time in my teenage years laying poolside, working on getting the best tan. Sure, I had heard all about wearing sunscreen and such, but I didn't care. I wanted to look good and, in my mind, tanned skin looked good. Now that I...

Irish kids no longer allowed access to tanning beds

The Irish Cancer Society wants to rain on the parade of citizens who get their "healthy glow" from tanning bans. The organization is pushing for stricter regulations for overall use of the beds, while calling for an all out ban on tanning bed use by ...

Tanning parlors advertising in highschool newspapers

Some bits of news absolutely make my skin crawl. Stories about fast food restaurants in schools are bad enough, but this morning I ran across one about tanning parlors advertising in high school newspapers. Of the twenty-three school papers in the De...


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