Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Crafts

I'll admit it: Cabin Fever is not a Craft Queen. But every year our dining room table turns into a factory for mass Valentine production. The children bring home class lists, we clear crafting space and then set about making a Valentine for everyone ...

The continuation of the Baldwin saga

I cannot escape from that wretched Alec Baldwin voicemail to his daughter. I don't know if it's the same way in your city, but here, the story has saturated all of our media -- I saw it on our city's newspaper headlines and this morning as I drove No...

Would you buy soap in a roll?

So, now that we're potty training (or, I'd like to think we've potty trained, minus the occasional accident) there's a lot hand-washing that goes on in my house. My daughter loves to turn the water on, turn it off, pour 8 gallons of soap on her hands...

Duct Taping kids, my version

You may remember the story from the other day about the mother who duct-taped her kids together so she could leave them at home while she went off to work. Well, alas, I have my own story of duct-taping kids. When Sara was about 6 months (or perhaps ...


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