Gwen Stefani Kid Collection to Launch at Target

Credit: Jack-Apg/ Gwen Stefani has conquered music. And women's fashion. And perfume. And clothes for young adults. Plus, she's mom to two of celebritydom's trendiest tots. So, it seems only natural clothing for kids shoul...Harajuku Mini, set to launch in November, to feature cool looks for babies, kids and tweens.

Calypso St. Barth for Target

The new collection of Calypso St. Barth for Target will make Mom happy. Credit: Target Mother's Day is just days away -- are you still in need of a gift? Or, for you moms out there with forgetful families, are you still looking to drop...There's still time to pick up a fashionable Mother's Day gift.

10 Stylish Valentine's Day Treats for Your Little Sweets

Converse One Star gingham sneakers, top, Pediped heart shoes and Converse animal slip-ons are perfect holiday styles. Credit: Target, Pediped, Converse
You may feel a little silly dressing up in pink and red -- all covered in hearts and cupids --...

Toxic Teddy Bears Pulled From Target Shelves

Target Corp. has been notified that its Valentine's Day "Message Bears" have illegal levels of lead. Ryan Nestle, Center for Environmental Health / AP
This Valentine's Day, watch out for Toxic Teddy Bears. The California-based Center for Envir...

Trumpette Too Baby Socks to Hit Target Stores

Trumpette Too is now in Target stores. Credit: Trumpette Too
We're trumpeting our horns with this fashion announcement: Trumpette Too, the lower-priced line from the simply adorable sock collection for kids, has just arrived at a Target near you....

Target Faces Fines for Lead Toy Sales

Credit: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
It's hard to believe the frenzy that sent parents shuffling through their kids' toy bins in search of playthings covered in lead-based paint was two years ago. The massive recalls that prompted a ti...

Where's The Dad?

Who's in charge at home? If recent ads from Walmart and Target are to be believed, it's all Mom, all the time. Jezebel has a review of four recent ads from the two big retailers. And they ask a fair question: Where's Dad? The Walmart commerc...

Michelle Obama's Inaugural Gown - Setting the Tone

As preparations for President-Elect Barack Obama's inauguration swing into full force, we're all wondering one really important thing -- no, no, I don't mean which campaign promises the President will tackle first. I mean what will Mrs. Obama wea...

Circo girls' bobbie socks from Target - Product recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of more than three hundred thousand sets of Circo Rosette Bobbie Socks sold exclusively by Target, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, due to a potential choking hazard. The socks were sold ...

Baby-proofing 101

Well, this past weekend you could say I had a "crash" course in baby-proofing 101. Here Mr. Pickles is less than a year old and I thought I had at least a few months before I'd have to remove everything from our bookshelves, hide the valuables and...

Dwell bedding line now at Target

When looking for bedding sets for my son's crib, I admired from afar the gorgeous modern designs from DwellStudio. However, at over $400 a set, I just couldn't come around to the purchase. Heck, I don't have sheets that nice, and I don't wet the bed....

Target won't take part in "Manhunt 2"

Big box retailer Target has decided not to carry the violent video game Manhunt 2 this holiday season, citing the games excessive violence and the ease of accessing unrated, normally filtered material. The game focuses on the killing spree of a socio...

Toy recalls and your holiday shopping list

According to a new report the recent massive toy recalls have some in the industry very worried with regard to this holiday season. The fear is that all the recalls will (rightly) keep skeptical parents from buying traditional toys. This means th...

Free antibiotics for everyone!

Well, you need a prescription, and it doesn't apply to all antibiotics, but if you live in an area where there is a Publix store, you can get seven generic brands of antibiotics for free. Plublix is a privately held grocer and I guess they can do wha...

Product Recall: Infantino Toy Castles

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Infantino have announced a recall of Shape Sorting Toy Castles. Four reports have been received of children nearly choking on the colored counting beads when the plastic rod holding them in place came l...


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