Tax Code Changes Offer Breaks for Larger Families and College Costs

Pay attention to new tax credits - you may be due more than you expected. Credit: blmurch, Flickr
If you have three kids at home or one in college, look over your tax return carefully. You may get a new break or two. Changes in the tax code fo...

Splitting Up Pays Better Than Staying Together for UK Couples

Back before I was married with children ("MWC") there was this rumor floating around that you could make money on your taxes by getting divorced. The idea was to get divorced at the end of the year and then remarry at the start of the next year, divo...

NY Governor Wants to Tax Soda

New York State Gov. David Patterson proposed this week that all non-diet sodas be taxed, as part of his $121 million budget plan for 2009. Patterson's so called "obesity tax" would levy a 15 percent tax on carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola. The tax...

ParentDish Size Six: Reasons to have kids

Why would anyone in their right mind willingly submit themselves to eighteen (or more!) years of dealing with those loud, filthy, expensive, rebellious critters known as children? Surely, there must be some reason why people put up with their messes,...

Will schools across America soon have longer days?

I have not hid my disappointment in the "No Child Left Behind" act in America. It seems as if every teacher I have spoken with about this issue said too much time is being spent "teaching to the test." One middle school principal in Massachusetts is ...

The financial case for paid family leave

In order to take care of their newborn baby or ailing family member, many workers must either cut back their hours or stop working entirely. Comprehensive family leave initiatives -- programs that would allow such workers to take paid leaves of absen...

Virtual economies may get real world taxation

Do your kids play online games such as Second Life or World of Warcraft? You may have to let your CPA know about it, if some economists get their way. These games involve virtual worlds where millions of dollars worth of transactions take place every...

It's tax time: this mom is proud of her bouncing baby deductions

Among the majority of my working mama friends, it's the woman of the household who's in charge of the budgeting; even those where mama makes less than half of the family income, or whose work is extremely part-time. And so when April rolls around, a ...


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