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Opinion: Why Gun-Loving Sarah Palin Would Make a Terrible President for Our Children

Is this really a person you want your kids to learn from? Illustration by Dori Hartley Sarah Palin loves to shoot. Whether it's a good ol' American rifle, or just some video footage of her own gun-toting, animal-hunting self, that...Sarah Palin loves guns for killing animals. Only, guns kill people, too.

Hey, Kids! Tea Party Politics Now as Simple as a Coloring Book

Now the Tea Party movement doubles as an art project! Credit: ColoringBook.com
Get out your crayons, boy and girls, it's time to color Glenn Beck green -- with envy. How jealous the conservative commentator must be of your new Tea Party colori...
Get out your crayons, boy and girls, it's time to color Glenn Beck green -- with envy.

Baby Shower Decorating: Tips for the Celebration

A baby shower with a tea party theme lends itself to elegant decorations. Credit: Getty
You've chosen invitations, planned the menu and picked out a few fun games to play. Now it's time to embark on another important part of the celebration ...

Opinion: Our Polarized Society is More Disabled Than My Autistic Son

My son tells me he's in the "killin' Natzis bidness ... and bidness is goooood." That's nice. Every boy should have a hobby -- not to mention career goals. And if it must involve killing, well, I'd rather it be Nazis than members of the Red Hat ...

Caffeinated Tea Party: How Bad?

Using caffeinated tea at your children's tea parties is just fine. Credit: Rick Takagi, Flickr
What 5-year-old doesn't love a tea party? But there is caffeine in tea ... which seems like an iffy idea for little ones. No? Hmmm, well ... is a l...

Tea Parties Are an Inexpensive Birthday Hit

When my daughter told me she wanted to have her birthday party at the roller skating rink, I thought, "Sure! That sounds easy." Then I called the rink and had to ask them to repeat their fee twice, because I was pretty sure I heard wrong. I hadn'...


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