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NYC Teacher Sues After Being Booted From Classroom for Using Spanish Slang

Students admit teacher used the word "cono" when the class was behaving badly. Credit: Getty Images
They said tomato, he said cono -- and then the New York Department of Education called the whole thing off. At least that's the claim of teache...
Is this just a multicultural misunderstanding? At least one linguistics expert says no.

Teachers to Students: Let's Not Be Facebook Friends

Maybe teachers should keep their relationships with kids offline. Credit: The Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld/AP
Let's face it, there's a certain creep factor when you think your teenage daughter is exchanging photos, news feeds and friend requests on...
Sorry, kids, schools don't want you to friend, poke or comment on your teachers' Facebook pages.

'Snobby' Parents Don't Care for Teacher's Facebook Post, Have Her Deleted

Let's face it: Most teenagers are germ bags. In fact, if you're going to describe them as bags of anything, suggesting they are full of germs is one of the more benign alternatives. Likewise, when you're speaking about their parents, ther...


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