teacher gift idea 

Teacher Gifts: 5 Great Ideas

The holidays are a great time to show our appreciation and gratitude to our children's favorite educators for their passion, dedication and all the hard work they do to care for and inspire the next generation. Take a look at some of our favorite tho...An apple for the teacher? Think again.

Teacher gift idea: customized notepad

Most parents will tell you after a long break from school with their children, that teachers are saints for putting up with all they do. So why is their patience and dedication so often rewarded with a collection of coffee mugs for a holiday or end o...

School House Rock 4th of July video

Being a kid of the 70's meant you had rubber bands around your bell bottoms to keep them from catching in the bike chain, center parts and plastic barrettes if you were a girl, and if you owned a television: knowing the words to School House Rock car...


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