What to Do When Friendships Become an Issue for Your Child

Friends today, frenemies tomorrow? Credit: Corbis
For some kids, making friends is easy and natural, and for other kids it's ... not. It isn't uncommon for kids to have occasional trouble making or keeping friends, so here's some advice on how...

Child athletes paying the price in injuries

It's no secret I'm no fan of most organized team sports. Now I've got another reason to avoid them -- the injuries kids are suffering from when playing the same sport year round. Pre-teen bodies are still growing and repeatedly exercising the same mu...

Too much pressure causing kids to quit sports

Thanks to excessive pressure from parents and coaches, seventy percent of children have quit team sports by the age of 13. Why? According to experts, it is the "professionalization" of athletics, where having fun is placed of lower importance than be...


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