Her Baby Name Sounds Like a Bad Joke

An acquaintance who's due in two months just announced her choice for her baby's name. I immediately noticed the potential for a pun in the name, but I don't think she realizes it's there. Should we tell her, so at least she is aware and makes her ...

A Boy Named Precious

My little brother's name is Precious. He's starting school next month and I am scared of what other people will say about him. When he gets older I am so sure that he is going to get teased about his name. Our parents are Nigerian so our middle name...

Gender-Bending Names: Readers Weigh In

In a recent column, the mother of a boy named Azure was dismayed to find that name listed under the girls' column in name dictionaries. The issue clearly struck a nerve. Readers flooded the Name Lady in-box with their own experiences in the gender-be...

Fat Kids Get Teased, Not Poor Kids

Weight makes kids a target for teasing. Credit: Getty Images
It took a study to figure this out? Kids have discerning taste when it comes to choosing whom they will tease. While the pool of targets remains obvious -- those whose looks and b...

Teasing is Good for Kids?

Back in my own school days, there was a kid everyone referred to as Tank. The nickname was a play on his last name and a comment on his enormous size. Another kid was called Pep. As in pepperoni-pizza-face. I didn't know either one of these kids well...

Dress code violation - Bald kid told to lose the hat

(Top 5 Stupid Things Banned by Schools) The last thing most kids want to be is 'different'. From their clothes to their hairstyles, kids tend to copy one another in an effort to blend in and be part of the group. But for some kids, blending in is ...


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