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ER Visits by Teen Boys Skyrocket During July 4 Weekend

The Fourth of July holiday is upon us. Do you know where your teenage boys are? If you're thinking a little freedom is in order for your kids on Independence Day, a new study may have you rethinking things. ABC News reports visits by underag...During the 2009 July 4th weekend, two-thirds of ER visits were made by boys.

Some Kids Celebrate Graduation By Pouring Vodka (Yes, Vodka) on Their Eyes

Vodka shots are for mouths, not eyes. And only for those 21 and up. Credit: Getty Images
Hey kids, thinking of sticking your face in an electric fan? Don't do it. It hurts. The same is true about pouring alcohol in your eyes. You might t...

Breathalyzer tests for prom-goers in Iowa

Students at Wahlert High School in Dubuque, Iowa had to pass a test before they could attend their prom last weekend. The test didn't require any studying, just abstaining from alcohol. With a parental waiver, each student was required to pass a Brea...


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