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Two-Thirds of Teen Novels Reference Sex, Study Finds

Credit: Amazon Wince when your teen wants to watch "Gossip Girl?" Shudder at the thought of your 15-year-old taking in movies like "American Pie"? Want to send the kids to the library or book store to find entertainment, instead? Turns...Sexual references go anywhere from innuendo to full-out intercourse.

KidPop News: 'Tangled' Gets Tested, Austen Gets a Twilight Treatment and Mr. Men Get a Movie Deal

Amazon Rapunzel's Hair is Cleared for Climbing The engineers at Imperial College in London have been putting their highly-educated brains to good use, designing an experiment to show that human hair is capable of...

Figment: Is Next Hemingway Lurking on New Website for Young Writers?

Young writers are hoping to grab the attention of young readers with the launch of Figment, a site for teen novelists. Credit: Getty
"Represent," a novel by Maggie Halickman, is 7,700 words long and takes about ... 39 minutes to read? Whoa! ...
Would Shakespeare have posted "Hamlet" online?

Young Readers: Choose Your Dystopia

What's exciting young readers today? Based on current themes in publishing, it's incredibly awful visions of the future. But thankfully, terrible visions of things to come don't mean terrible books -- a few recent dystopian novels prove quite the opp...What's exciting young readers today? Based on current themes in publishing, it's incredibly awful visions of the future.

A Book With Its Own Soundtrack: Please Let This Be a Trend

Books and music: Two great tastes that taste great together. Credit: Walker Books
Songwriter Josh Farrar's immensely likable and entertaining first novel, "Rules to Rock By" (Walker Books, $17), chronicles a middle schooler's efforts to form he...

Top Teen Beach Reads: Which Should Scare You, Which Should You Borrow?

Beach season is upon us and tweens and teens, just as much as adults, are going to be grabbing dishy, fun reads to page through while they lie out on the sand. Some are lighthearted and innocent, some are lighthearted and not-so-innocent, some ...

Book Report: Penguin Classics

It's okay to judge these books by their covers. Credit: Penguin
Maybe you're obsessed with "Wuthering Heights," maybe Jane Austen makes you cringe. Whatever your feelings about high school English class, these reissued volumes from Penguin, wit...

Life beyond the Harry Potter books

After the fourth Harry Potter book I got burned out on reading them out loud to my kids. Yes, that might make me a bad mother, but holy moly those books are so long. Luckily by the time my interest was waning, my son was able to read them himself. Th...


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