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Binge Drinking More Damaging for Teen Girls Than Boys, Study Says

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Never mind getting sick, getting busted or getting hurt -- when teenage girls binge drink, they could be damaging their brains.
BBC News reports the brains of teen girls are especially prone to damage from a...
This could lead to issues when it comes to driving, playing sports, using maps or remembering how to get places.

ER Visits by Teen Boys Skyrocket During July 4 Weekend

The Fourth of July holiday is upon us. Do you know where your teenage boys are? If you're thinking a little freedom is in order for your kids on Independence Day, a new study may have you rethinking things. ABC News reports visits by underag...During the 2009 July 4th weekend, two-thirds of ER visits were made by boys.

Report: 90 Percent of Addicts Started Using as Teens

The teen years are a time when addiction is especially possible, because adolescent brains are more sensitive and teens are more apt to experiment. Credit: Getty Images Sorry, parents, but drug use among many teens is not just a pass...
Expert calls teen substance abuse America's no. 1 public health problem.

Teens on Facebook More Likely to Drink Than Their Non-Social Networking Peers

Teens who drink alcohol spend more time on the computer for fun -- listening to music and updating their online profiles -- than their non-drinking peers. Credit: Getty Images Some teens on Facebook are really putting the "social" in s...Study finds teens who use computers for socializing and listening to music are more likely to drink.

Should Parents Who Let Teens Drink at Home Be Punished?

Should parents who let their kids drink at home be punished? Credit: Getty Images
Attention Mississippi parents: If you let your teenagers and their friends drink alcohol at your house, you could go to jail.
Mississippi Gov. Haley B...

Rich Teens Drink More, While Poor Teens Choose to Smoke, Study Shows

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Teen smoking and drinking is tied to parents' wealth, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Teens just want to have fun and, if you're a rich kid -- think Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" -- when the fo...
Turns out affluence and alcohol consumption go hand-in-hand for the teen set.

Teen Drinking at Home: Helpful or Harmful?

Parents have mixed feelings about serving alcohol to teens at home. Credit: Getty At some point, most parents will confront the issue of underage drinking with their teen -- whether it's in middle school, high school or college -- and ...Many parents do supply their teens with alcohol -- at least some of the time.

Honey, I Served the Kids: Parents Buying Booze for Teens, Study Finds

Go ahead and party, kids! Mom will bring the beer. Credit: Getty
When today's generation of parents of teens was in high school, booze was locked up in a liquor cabinet, kids were told to stay out of it and parents left education abo...
Nearly 30 percent of parents supply their teens with alcohol, a new report shows.

News Flash: Binge Drinking and Pot Screw Up Teens' Minds

Binge drinking is bad for your brain. Credit: Christof Stache/AFP/Getty Images
You've warned your kids repeatedly of the dangers of teens drinking and smoking pot, not to mention that pesky little fact that both are illegal. Well, here's one more...
We know teens drink, but a new study says chugging beers or smoking pot can cause mental problems.

Someone Passed Out Drunk? Quick! Call an 11-Year-Old!

You know how it goes. Your 11-year-old goes to a friend's birthday party. There is cake, ice cream and Jack Daniels. Inevitably, some sixth-grader can't hold his liquor and collapses. Your child really ought to know how to give first aid to a...You know how it goes. Your 11-year-old goes to a friend's birthday party. There is cake, ice cream and Jack Daniels. Inevitably, some sixth-grader can't hold his liquor and collapses. Now what?

Parenting Style an Influence on Teen Drinking, Study Says

Kids who get too many cuddles drink more. Credit: DuesXFlorida, Flickr
Kids whose parents are either too strict or too lenient may be more likely to engage in binge drinking, according to a new study out of Brigham Young University. Rese...

Some Kids Celebrate Graduation By Pouring Vodka (Yes, Vodka) on Their Eyes

Vodka shots are for mouths, not eyes. And only for those 21 and up. Credit: Getty Images
Hey kids, thinking of sticking your face in an electric fan? Don't do it. It hurts. The same is true about pouring alcohol in your eyes. You might t...

Kids Who Watch R-Rated Movies Are More Likely to Drink, Study Says

Will boozy movies make your kid hit the bottle? Credit: Getty Images
Ever wonder if you're a bit over protective about what you let your child watch? Think the other parents roll their eyes behind your back? Well, vindication is yours: A new st...

Drinking with Your Kids at Home Not a Good Idea, Study Says

Thinking of having a few brewskis with your teenage son? After all, if a kid's going to learn how to knock 'em back, he might as well learn from his old man, right? Probably not a good idea, according to a study coming out of the Netherlands....

Mom gets teen to behave by giving her cigarettes

My husband and I like to joke that the foundation of good parenting is bribery. Want the kids to clean their rooms, or sort the laundry, or just play nicely for a while? Offer a bribe! We're kidding, and even when we're not the bribe at our house is ...


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