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Poor Body Image Means Sleep-Deprivation, Carb Cravings for Teen Girls, Study Finds

Study finds correlation between sleep and body image. Credit: Getty Images Teen girls have struggled with their appearances for decades, but new research shows it's not just peer pressure that's contributing to their body image battles...Girls who worry about being skinny can't sleep and, as a result, eat more carbs.

Oprah Sexpert - Buy Your Teen Daughter Her First Vibrator

As a general rule, I think, many of today's moms are far more open about sex than our mothers and grandmothers were. Our kids know the actual names of their body parts (and aren't afraid to share them with the cashier at the grocery store). We don't ...

Would You Give Condoms to Your 14-Year-Old?

School isn't the only place where sex education is a dilemma. Most parents would like their children to remain abstinent throughout their teens, but worry that withholding information about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases will lead to...

Study: One in four teen girls has an STD

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have determined that one out of every four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease (STD). This number was based on an analysis of a 2003-2004 government health study involving a nationally representa...

Changing the world for our little girls

When the ultrasound technician asked if I wanted to know the sex of my unborn baby, I held my breath. And then let it out in a gush of giddy relief when she looked at me and smile: "It's a boy." It's not that I wouldn't have desperately loved a littl...

When the carpool goes bad

Everyday of the week my freshman son carpools with four other children, three boys and one girl, to high school. Since none of the children are of driving age the mothers pick up the kids. This means early mornings for my brood when I am the driver. ...


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