teen marriage 

16 and Pregnant: The Reality Show

On June 11, 2009, MTV debuted a reality show, "16 and Pregnant," which examines the lives of expecting teen mothers and the issues they face including gossip, marriage, adoption and financial problems. Each episode focuses on one girl, who is in h...

Student's Husband Banned From School

Reading this headline, it should be apparent that this student isn't your typical high-schooler. At 17-years-old, Brittany Engstrom is married. She's a senior at Hubbard High School in Ohio and lives with her 19-year-old husband Casey and his grandmo...

Levi Johnston dishes about fatherhood, marriage, and Barack Obama

Levi Johnston wants to set the record straight about a few things: he's not being forced to marry Bristol Palin, he's not being bossed around by the McCain campaign, and he thinks Barack Obama "seems like a good guy." But he'll be pulling for John Mc...


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