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Teenager Fakes Pregnancy to Teach Lesson on Prejudice

Strolling through the hallways of a high school with a pregnant stomach is one walk most teens hope they'll never have to take. One of the most difficult parts of becoming a teen mom is facing judgment and harsh glares from peers, but Gaby Rod...Gaby Rodriguez, a senior in high school, pretended she was pregnant as part of a social experiment.

Bristol Palin Made $262K to Preach Teen Abstinence

So, just what does an ambassador for teen pregnancy prevention make these days, anyway? If you're Bristol Palin, that would be $262,500. ABC News reports Palin, 20, who was 18 when she had a baby with her former fiance, Levi Johnston, was pa...The nonprofit organization says Palin was worth the money.

New York Plans School for Expectant Teen Parents

Teen moms may get a new school of their own in New York. Credit: Getty
"Give me a P! Give me an R! Give me an E-G-N-A-N-T!"
OK, so don't expect much from their basketball team, but a new Brooklyn, N.Y., school is in the works for pr...
Track record for schools for pregnant students in New York not promising.

Teen Moms Still Want College Degrees, Study Finds

Pregnant at 16? Poof! There goes your future. You obviously care more about changing diapers than earning a college degree. Obviously? Not so fast. Researchers at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island say that's not so. They interviewe...Teen moms want to go to college. The question is, how?

90 Teens Pregnant in One Memphis School

Why are so many Memphis teens getting pregnant? Credit: Getty Images Just when you were getting over learning about pregnancy pacts, here is another shocking statistic, this one from Frayser High School in Memphis: 90 girls are pregnant...Those 90 girls make up 20 percent of the female population of Frayser High School.

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low, CDC Reports

Not only is the overall U.S. birth rate down, but women are having their children later in life, as well. Credit: Getty
Looks like all those free condom giveaways might be doing the trick, after all. The birth rate for U.S. teen...
The birth rate for U.S. teens fell to the lowest level ever recorded in 70 years of tracking teenage childbearing.

Tween Moms Apparently Not All That Uncommon

Please don't let this spark a new MTV reality series. Credit: Getty Images
A 10-year-old gave birth last week in a Spanish hospital, but her mother insists it's not a big deal. They are from Romania after all, she tells Time magazine. She may ...
Imagine missing your child's first day of kindergarten because it's your first day of high school.

Opinion: Making Condoms Available for Grade Schoolers a Community Decision

Last week, I appeared on the Fox News Channel to discuss the availability of condoms at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Provincetown, Mass. Here's the clip: Watch the latest news video at video.foxnews.com This story has generated a lot ...

Dads Make a Difference Advocates Responsible Parenting for Young Teens

Jasmine Lofton, a student at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School in Plymouth, Minn., attends a peer-educator training workshop for Dads Make a Difference. Photo courtesy DMAD
It took four women to create a group focusing on dads. Dads Make a D...

Child of Unwed Mother in '92 Grad Photo to Get Her Diploma

Zoey Gilbert, 18, is about to graduate Ventura High School where her mother Cyndi Gilbert commenced 18 years ago. Credit: Karen Quincy Loberg, vcstar.com
Eighteen years ago, 17-year-old Cyndi Gilbert walked with her classmates to receive her dipl...

More Teens Using Rhythm Method for Birth Control

The rhythm method? Not so effective. Credit: Klaus Mellenthin, Getty Images
ATLANTA (AP) - A growing number of teen girls say they use the rhythm method for birth control, and more teens also think it's OK for an unmarried female to have a baby, ...

Oh, Baby: Teen Mom Blogs Pregnancy on YouTube

Jessica Shafer was 17 when she found out she was expecting a baby, and, rather than hide her pregnancy, she decided to share it with the world via a video blog on YouTube. Shafer, of Modesto, Calif., has posted 60 videos over the course of...

Do Extra-Small Rubbers for 12-Year-Olds Make Condom Sense?

Talk about your teenie weenies: A Swedish company is selling condoms designed to fit 12-year-old boys. Standard condoms are two inches in diameter. This new condom, called the Hotshot, comes in a wee bit smaller, at 1.7 inches. Swiss condom m...

Mom at 14? Novelist Says It's the Right Age to Have a Baby

Hilary Mantel holds a copy of her novel 'Wolf Hall' after being awarded the 2009 Man Booker prize in London on October 6, 2009. Credit: Ben Stansall, AFP/Getty Images
Your 14-year-old is ready to have a baby. So says award-winning British n...

Teen Sex Crimes: What's Love Got to Do With It?

It's a case of "I love ... eeeew!" When a boy just a few months shy of being a legal adult is having sex with a 12-year-old girl, the two of them may think it's true love. The rest of society thinks it's creepy. That's why it's against the law. ...


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