Top 100 Books for Teens: ParentDish Picks

Judy Blume is a favorite among teenage girls. Credit: Amazon While your teen might have some idea of what to read, the 100 listed below might give her some new ideas. Regardless of whether your teen enjoys fantasy books or not, many ...Expand your teen's literary horizons with these varied selections.

California Boy, 13, Sets Out to Be Youngest to Conquer Mt. Everest

Jordan Romero stands at the summit of Carstensz Pyramid, Oceania's highest peak, in fall 2009. Credit: Paul Romero
While many eighth graders are busy prepping for end-of-year tests or making plans for spring dances, Jordan Romero has his eye on s...

How to Make Peace with Your Teenage Daughter

Melody Carlson, author of Dear Mom: Everything Your Teenage Daughter Wants You to Know But Will Never Tell You, dishes out advice for moms who are frustrated with the push-pull of the teenage years. Q: What are some of the biggest sources of con...

Oops - Texting Teen Falls Into Manhole

OMG! Teen falls into a manhole while texting. Photo: sxc.hu
The dangers of teen texting: High cell phone bills, provocative pictures, car accidents and now ... falling into open manholes? It was bound to happen. Proving that walking and tex...

High School Secretary Changes Daughter's Grades Electronically

A mom takes her daughter's grades into her own hands. Photo: Marja Flick-Buijs/sxc.hu
How do you know when you've become a little too entangled in your teen's life? Changing her grades to improve her class standing on a school computer is prob...

Depression Linked to Bedtimes

Does your teen have a bedtime? Photo: husin.sani/Flickr
My eight-year-old has had a bad case of teen envy for quite some time. In addition to the fun-filled and exciting lives she is convinced they lead, she thinks that the best part of being ...

Teen Diagnoses Her Own Disease in Science Class

Teen Jessica Terry diagnosed her own disease. Photo: sxc.hu
Sick and tired of being sick and tired, 18-year-old Sammamish, Washington student Jessica Terry took matters -- and slides of her own intestinal tissue -- into her own hands. The t...

When Parents Give In To Peer Pressure

How far will you go to help your child fit in? Image: sxc.hu
There are some things my husband and I disagree about when it comes to our 8-year-old. These are mostly little things like whether iced tea is bad for her and how important it is to rin...

Bullied to Death

17-year-old Mentor, Ohio High School student Eric Mohat was the target of relentless verbal and physical abuse from his fellow students. In March of 2007, Eric committed suicide after one of his tormentors said, "Why don't you go home and shoot yours...

Smoking Smarties - Just Say No

There is good news and bad news on the teen smoking front. The good news is that teen smoking has been steadily declining over the past few years. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including changes in the way cigarettes are advertised, ...

Molly Ringwald Pregnant!

Our favorite 80's Brat Pack movie maven, Molly Ringwald, is pregnant. The star of such films as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and my personal fave, Pretty in Pink, is expecting twins with husband Panio Gianopoulos. The twins, a boy and a girl, ...

Kids Don't Appreciate Their Parents Until Age 22

Teens think they know everything -- it's a common complaint. But if you're looking for a little appreciation for all of your hard work and parental wisdom, you're in for a long wait. A British market research survey recently found that children don't...

Teens Suspended for Taunting Teacher on Facebook

A prestigious British girls' school suspended 29 pupils after a Facebook page targeting a female teacher was printed and passed around. The teacher was reportedly so upset by the malicious comments made by a group called "The Hate Society" that she ...

Teen Birth Rates Increase in 26 States

Thought teen pregnancy was a thing of the past? Well, if the well-publicized "celebrity" teen pregnancies that went down in 2008 didn't convince you, take a look at this. Turns out Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin are way more representative o...

Supergirl - Britain's Strongest Girl Can Lift 375 Pounds

Zoe Smith is a typical teen with typical interests -- chocolate and staying up all night, for instance. But there's at least one way that Smith is anything but average. Named Britain's strongest girl, the 126-pound 14-year-old can lift and astonishin...


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