teenage drivers 

Teenage Driving Study Reveals Why Teens Cause Accidents

Watch a video on safety tips for teenage driving.
Surprise, surprise! Why more teens get into accidents. Credit: Getty Images
Pop quiz: Most automobile accidents involving teenage drivers are the result of:
A. That stupid lamppost...
Inexperience and immaturity causes more teen car crashes than alcohol or reckless driving.

Laws target teens texting and driving

In my experience, talking on a cell-phone while driving is dangerous. I used to do it and many times found myself at my destination having no recollection of actually driving there because I was yakking on my phone the whole time. Maybe it is just me...

Minnesota legislation would limit rights of young drivers

A tried-and-true rite of passage for teenagers in small towns all over the United States---cruising around with your friends looking for something to do---looks as though it's endangered in the great state of Minnesota, where lawmakers have given pre...


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