Sex Education for Kids? Just Tune In, Log On, Listen Up

No glove, no love (we hope). Credit: Corbis
"Ain't no chaperones, this could be the night of your dreams ... We're rocking back and forth under the disco ball, we're the only ones on the floor ... Girl I promise I'll be gentle, I know we gotta ...
In a recent policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns pediatricians, parents and the media about the danger of sexual messages U.S. teens and children are getting from television, music, the Internet and other forms of media.

Socks That Rule the School

That's one sharp-looking pencil sock. Credit: Ashi Dashi
Labor Day is just quickly approaching, which means it's time to kick off the flip-flops and lace up those new school shoes. But you can make the transition a little easier for yo...

More U.S. Teens Getting Recommended Vaccines, Report Finds

A little pinch now can prevent a big illness later on. Credit: Getty Images
Just because your teens aren't little anymore doesn't mean they aren't susceptible to a host of fully-preventable diseases. And, as August is National Immunization A...

Are You Deaf? For Many Teenagers the Answer is 'Yes'

Matthew Brady, 17, who has some mild hearing loss, used to listen to his iPod while running on a treadmill with the volume turned up. Credit: Steven Senne, AP
Remember when you shouted to your teenager that he'd better turn his music down or he...

Ohio Mall Requires Chaperone for Teens

If you're going shopping in Springdale, Ohio, make sure you bring your identification with you. News station WCPO reports that security guards at Tri-County Mall outside Cincinnati will ask anyone who looks younger than 25 to present his or her...

Pathological Internet Use Linked to Depression in Teens, Study Shows

Your child's depression might be linked to his Internet use. Credit: Corbis
Your teenager seems moody and depressed? Showing all the signs of addiction? Before you go ordering that tox screen, you might want to consider another culprit: the Inter...

Cigarette Advertising in Stores Can Light Up Teen Smoking, Study Shows

Do ads make kids light up? Credit: Getty Images
We know teens can be impressionable. In fact, a new study shows that axiom is so true that simply seeing advertisements for smoking increases the odds a teenager will pick up the habit. Childr...

Opinion: Right to Die Billboard Sends the Wrong Message

Is this billboard irresponsible? Credit: Jerry McCrea, The Star-Ledger
A billboard in New Jersey is sending a dangerous message to kids. The sign, on Route 22 in Hillside, N.J., reads "My Life, My Death, My Choice" and is followed by the web...

Teen Girls Drink to Forget Their Troubles, Study Says

Teen girls just wanna forget. Credit: StuartWebster, Flickr
Teenage girls pack their bags for Margaritaville far more often than their male peers do, in the hopes of washing away their sorrows. USA Today reports that the nationwide study, ...

Students Say Weeknight Prom is a Buzz Kill, but That's the Point

No curfew busting with a weeknight prom. Credit: jupiterimages
Ask any teen what the best thing is about prom, and "after-prom" likely will be the answer. But that may change for students at one Rockland County, N.Y. high school, where administra...

California Boy, 13, Sets Out to Be Youngest to Conquer Mt. Everest

Jordan Romero stands at the summit of Carstensz Pyramid, Oceania's highest peak, in fall 2009. Credit: Paul Romero
While many eighth graders are busy prepping for end-of-year tests or making plans for spring dances, Jordan Romero has his eye on s...

New Jersey Teen Rescues Toys for a Second Chance

Rescued and recycled toys at the Babyland/Family Violence Center in Newark, N.J. From left, Aminah Adib-Muhammad, Michelle McAllister, Ebony Macken and Sasha Lipton. Courtesy: Sasha Lipton. Remember the three R's in school: reading, writing and '...

Drinking, Voting, Driving, Having Sex Shouldn't Be Based on Age, Author Says

Dr. Robert Epstein says we don't give teenagers enough opportunity to prove their competence. Photo courtesy of Dr. Robert Epstein. Photo courtesy of Dr. Robert Epstein.
Dr. Robert Epstein says kids as young as 12 ought to be able to smoke, dri...

Teen Sues His Mom for Allegedly Hacking His Facebook Account

A 16-year-old Arkansas boy has a new Facebook friend: his attorney. The New York Daily News reports that teenager Lane New is suing his mom because she allegedly broke into his Facebook account and wrote libelous comments about him. The mothe...

When Is It OK for Teens to Get Plastic Surgery?

In the face of bullying, teasing and low self-esteem, some teens are turning to plastic surgery to help them fit in. The "Today" show profiles three teens who went under the knife and discusses what parents should do before letting their child get ...


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