The mystery of teething

I've mentioned before that Nolan has been teething for over eight months now. I've become accustomed to the drool patches on my sweaters, they're really no worse than the horrible shoulder pad fad of the eighties. And Nolan's a pretty good natured ba...

Extreme Teething

Heather Craven recently posted some information about teething along with some tips to help ease the process. That's all fine and dandy, if your kid is having a reasonably normal teething experience. What about those kids -- and parents -- for whom t...

Teething tips

Teething is something all babies have to go through. It is a process that actually begins even before your baby's first teeth start to appear. Babies usually start teething when they are 4 to 7 months old and, typically, the first teeth to come in ar...

Teething vegetables

The only carrot that Nolan will put in his mouth is a stuffed one.  But that's OK, because it provides him a great degree of relief in those bothersome little pegs invading his gums. Nolan prefers to chew on these cute organic-cloth vegetables o...

Teething Remedies

The trauma of teething must be so traumatic for a little babe.  I ponder the searing pain at the top of my mouth when I bite into a too-hot piece of pizza, or the awful feeling of a scratch in my gum from some overzealous chewing and I think - m...

Blogging a Baby: Teething sucks

My older son, Nolan, never had any teething issues. He'd sprout a tooth and we'd find out by accident. No tell-tale signs of cutting teeth. Ever. Little Quin, who will be eight months old tomorrow, is cutting his second tooth in a week and all I can ...

Teething and the power of oxytocin

He's drooling... he must be teething! Fevers? He's probably teething. Oh, look at your baby chomp on those toys! He's surely teething. I've been listening to the old, and not-so-old, wives for pretty much the whole eight-some months of Truman's life....

Blogging a Baby: Night waking - mystery solved

Last week I wrote about my son Quin and his frequent night waking over the past few weeks. Over the weekend he developed a cold with nasty, croupy cough. We figured that may have had something to do with his funky sleep patterns of late. Until this m...


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